Harbor Overview

North Shore Ports

The North Shore is a rugged and unforgiving coastline for boats. Nonetheless, there are several ore docks and public marinas that offer safe harbor. Two Harbors and Silver Bay are easily accessible for bulk freighters. Further up the coastline is Thunder Bay, the busiest Canadian port in Lake Superior.

Two Harbors

Located in Agate Bay, Two Harbors, MN. The ore docks are owned and operated by Canadian National Railway. The docks exclusively discharge iron ore pellets to bulk freighters. The docks are easily accessible from Lake Superior, but provide no shelter for anchoring vessels. Often times boats will weigh anchor outside of Duluth while waiting for other vessels to finish loading in Two Harbors.

Silver Bay

Located near Beaver Island in Silver Bay, MN. The docks are owned and operated by Northshore Mining. Northshore Mining discharges iron ore pellets and occasionally sinter feed to bulk freighters. The famous Black Beach is also located here, within sight of the iron ore docks. Silver Bay does not have the same level of vessel traffic as other ports in Lake Superior.